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10 Mistakes To Avoid When Opening A New Indian Restaurant In the United States

Opening a new Indian restaurant in the United States can be exciting, but there are many important factors to consider to ensure it’s a success. This article looks at the top mistakes people make when opening an Indian restaurant in the United States and provides guidance on how to avoid them. So if you’re ready to take the plunge and open your own establishment, read on!


10 Mistakes To Avoid When Opening A New Indian Restaurant In the United States

Mistake 1: Ignoring the international presence of Indian cuisine.

When it comes to Indian cuisine, it’s important to remember that it has an international presence. Just because Indian food is popular in the United States doesn’t mean that it’s not also popular in other parts of the world.

For example, in the United Kingdom, Indian restaurants are some of the most popular eateries. In fact, according to a study conducted by British Hospitality Association, there are more than 10,000 Indian restaurants in the UK alone.

This is important to remember when opening a new Indian restaurant in the United States. It’s not enough to simply focus on the local market – you also need to consider how your restaurant will appeal to a global audience.

One way to do this is by offering unique dishes not commonly found in other Indian restaurants. This will help your restaurant stand out from the competition and attract customers from all over the world.


Mistake 2: Improving recipes & taste

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when opening an Indian restaurant in the United States is thinking that you need to improve the recipes or make them more palatable for the American palate. India is home to diverse cuisine, and each region has unique flavours and ingredients. Instead of trying to change the recipes, focus on perfecting them and using the best quality ingredients. This will give your customers an authentic taste of India and set your restaurant apart from others in the area.

Another mistake is to skimp on the spices. Indian cuisine is known for its bold flavours, so don’t be afraid to use a variety of herbs in your dishes. The right combination of spices can take a word from good to great, so take your time experimenting and finding what works best for you.

Finally, remember dessert! India has a rich tradition of sweet dishes, which are often an integral part of a meal. Make sure to offer at least one sweet option on your menu, so your customers can enjoy a complete Indian dining experience.


Mistake 3: Overemphasizing on vegan card

When promoting your new Indian restaurant in the United States, don’t overemphasize that you’re vegan. While this may be a selling point for some potential customers, it’s important to remember that most people in the country are not vegan.

If you make enough fuss about your vegan credentials, you will likely turn off more people than you attract. Instead, focus on promoting the deliciousness of your food and the beauty of your restaurant’s atmosphere.


Mistake 4: Making it too spicy

There are a lot of different spices used in Indian cuisine, and it can be tempting to use them all in your dishes. However, one mistake new Indian restaurants in the United States often make is making their food too spicy. While some people enjoy spicy food, most Americans prefer milder flavours. If your dishes are too spicy, you likely turn off potential customers and end up with many uneaten foods. When creating your menu, offer mild and spicy versions of popular dishes so everyone can enjoy your food.


Mistake 5: Not enough parking space for customers

If you’re opening a new Indian restaurant in the United States, one mistake you’ll want to avoid is not providing enough parking space for customers. On-street parking can be hard to come by in many places, and customers will often be deterred from patronizing your restaurant if they need help finding a place to park.

One way to solve this problem is to partner with a nearby business with excess parking and arrange for your customers to use their lot. Another option is to lease a vacant lot nearby and turn it into a temporary parking area for your restaurant. Whatever solution you choose, make sure you have enough parking spaces available so your customers can easily visit your establishment.


Mistake 6: Poor interior design of the restaurant and menu presentation

When it comes to opening a new Indian restaurant in the United States, one of the biggest mistakes that you can make is poor interior design and menu presentation. Your restaurant’s interior should be inviting and comfortable for your guests, and your menu should be easy to read and understand. Simple is always better when it comes to these two things. Suppose your interior design needs to be more relaxed or your menu needs to be simplified. In that case, it will turn off potential customers, and they’ll simply go to another restaurant that’s more inviting and easier to navigate. So, keep things simple when designing your new Indian restaurant – your guests will thank you!


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